joi, 10 decembrie 2009

My situation

I thank you that you are here and I hope not to take too much of your precious time.
I am Cristian Pricopie, I'm 33 years old and I live in Bucharest with my wife, Anca and our 2 kids: Andrei 14 years old and Anastasia 3 years old.
Recently I've found out that I'm seek, again seek, very sick.
Four years ago I've suffered a brain surgery, tumor (Astrocytoma pilocistic). It was confirmed that it's benign and everything came to normal, but after all this time it seems that I was wrong. My health situation became worse, I'm very tiered, I speak incoherently, I'm uncontrolled vomiting.
From these symptoms, I've done the MRI Scans test. The result was unexpected, I didn't want to believe it's true. I've done two MRI Scans tests only thinking that the first one was wrong. It was not true. I've asked famous doctors. The result was established that the tumor relapsed. This meant it wasn't benign??? I don't know. It wasn't written confirmed. I've trusted the doctors that operated me. I've sent the result to INI Hanover in Germany, but the costs raise to an enormous amount for me and my family: 50 000 Euros.
But my hope comes, even on these holidays, when I've had the honor to meet Mr. Dr. Stoica Sergiu from Marie Curie hospital, a professional that went in the hospitals from abroad coming to Romania to set in his work all the experience he gathered where he practiced neurosurgery. The surgery could be made in a hospital from Bucharest, Euroclinic, but even this amount of money is too much for me because of the time: 10 000 Euros.
My time is limited to a month. It's already too late for me but I hope in your goodwill no matter how much you could donate for a new chance to life.
Your small help could offer me hope to remain next you, my family, my kids that I enormously love them, near all I know and I respect.
You fathers that have kids, you wives that have husbands, think that my life depends on you.
I know that in this time even for you its hard but believe me that any help is beneficial for my health.
I thank you from all my soul and from my family!

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B-dul Tudor Vladimirescu, Nr. 57, Bl. T4, Sector 5
Titular cont: Pricopie Cristian Claudiu
CNP 1760914370026
Cont LEI - IBAN: RO11RNCB0088001088880001
Cont EURO - IBAN: RO55RNCB0076001088880003

Alexandria nr. 20 Bucuresti
IBAN: RO79CECEB50208RON2399755
Titular: Pricopie Cristian Claudiu
CNP: 1760914370026

Cristian Pricopie
Tel: 0745 697 063

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